Intelligent System Laboratory
Prof. Koichi HIDAKA

Electronic, Information Systems

Study of Visual Feedback Control for Vehicle Dynamics

We focus on a modeling and controller design on visual feedback control. Furthermore our laboratory studies its applications also, e.g., the modeling of drivers gaze on driving behavior. For the modeling of vehicle controller based on visual feedback, we apply the closed-loop identification to its modeling. The nonlinear control or predictive control is applied to the control. Our researches are based on control theory. We consider that a smart control needs interaction from the environment because unexpected accidents occur in the real world. The visual information is useful for the intelligent control in the environment. Our purpose is to develop a new methodology of intelligent control system for vehicle by using visual information and we wish to build the welfare by the system.

Prof. Koichi HIDAKA

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Experiment of driver model

Screen image of driving simulator

Omnidirectional Automated Vehicle

Mobile robot with camera

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