Electrical System Control Laboratory
Prof. Toshiya YOSHIDA

Power Systems, Electric MachineryElectronic, Information Systems

Research of A Sensorless Magnetic Bearing

A magnetic bearing suspends a motor rotor with a principle of maglev trains e.g. "Linimo." Levitating the rotor, super high speed rotation and energy saving are achieved. In the magnetic bearing control, a computer-based controller or sophisticated analog controller has to be employed. In addition, this system needs position sensors which have high resolution of less than 1 micron-meter. To simplify the configuration, sensorless control methods have been investigated. A practical sensorless system, however, has not been developed yet. We propose a new sensorless magnetic bearing circuit. This method gives high stability required for industry applications.

Prof. Toshiya YOSHIDA

Sensorless magnetic bearing

Patent certificate of the proposed method

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