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Prof. Keisuke SATO

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Clean energy generation by functional inorganic nanostructures

In our laboratory, we are developing novel inorganic/organic hybrid solar cells combining functional silicon nanostructures (silicon nanoparticles and silicon nanowires) with organic polymers, which not only enable efficient energy generation but also possess fruitful features such as reduction in manufacturing cost, durability enhancement and extension of installation site.
For the improvement of the photovoltaic performance of such hybrid solar cells, we are explored a variety of approaches, e.g., impurity doping, surface modification and formation of nano-porous structures for the functional silicon nanostructures.
Toward the realization of high-efficient hybrid solar cells, our laboratory members are engaging on the improvement of the silicon nanostructures and the cell structures.

Prof. Keisuke SATO

SEM image of silicon nanoparticles with mesopores.

Schematic diagrams of silicon nanoparticles/organic polymer hybrid solar cell.

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