Koichi Hidaka

Name Koichi Hidaka
Position Professor
Degree(s) PhD degree in Electrical Engineering
Main Subjects Fundamentals of Electrical Circuit
Electric Circuit Theory and Practice I
Control Engineering I, II
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Literacy
Koichi Hidaka
Specialty Control theorem
Field of Research Visual feedback control, Dynamic control of automatic vehicle
Academic Society SICE
Short Curriculum Vitae Education
Sept. 1999; PhD degree, Keio University
Mar. 1996; Master's degree, Keio University
Mar. 1988; Bachelor's Degree, Tokyo Denki University
Professional career
  • 1990-1992 Public servant in Saitama Prefecture
  • Oct. 2002 Assistant Professor Tokyo Denki University
  • 2009 Professor, Tokyo Denki University

Selected Papers

  • Syunya Kato, Koichi Hidaka, "Modeling of Vehicle based on Visual Feedback Control by Closed-loop Identification," IEEJ Trans. Electronics, Information and Systems, vol. 134 no. 4, pp. 550–559, 2014.
  • Takayuki Naito, Koichi Hidaka, Hiromitu Ohmori, Akira Sano, "New LMS Adaptive Filtering for Time-Varying Systems and Its Applications," IEICE Trans. Fundamentals, vol. J84-A, no. 6, pp. 788–797, 2001.
  • K. Hidaka, H. Ohmori, A. Sano: Adaptive filter for a linear time-varying system with a high-order estimator, IEE Control Theory and Applications, vol. 147, no. 4, pp. 395–402, 2000.
  • Koichi Hidaka, Hiromitu Ohmori, Akira Sano,"Design of Adaptive Observerfora System with Time-Varying Parameters," IEICE Trans. Fundamentals, vol. J82-A, no. 5, pp. 742–746, 1999.
  • HIDAKA K、OHMORI H、SANO A: Adaptive Control Design for Linear Time-Varying System Based on Internal Model Principle, E82-A, vol. 6, pp. 1047–1054, 1999.

Laboratory Introduction

The study of our laboratory focuses on the dynamical control based on vision information and modeling for control. Furthermore we design a controller of automatic vehicle by the given model. Our purpose is to develop an intelligent vehicle which can automatically move around the unknown environment.

Intelligent System Laboratory

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