High-Voltage/Power Engineering Laboratory
Prof. Kunihiko HIDAKA

Power Systems, Electric MachineryElectronic, Information Systems

Challenge of high-voltage/power technologies towards realizing sustainable society

Since ancient times, high-voltage and electrical-discharge phenomena have always provided mysterious attractions. By unraveling these mysteries, we continue to create effective principles and technologies for the production of nanometer-scale electronic devices, the construction of thousands-kilometers-scale power grids, and the resolution of global and space-scale environmental issues. Those who pursue such a wide range of fields have the potential to play an active part in any field of society. Based on this philosophy, I would like to challenge the following broad research topics on high voltage and power engineering in collaboration with the University of Tokyo: 1) Study on development of smart sensing method, 2) Elucidation of electrical discharge phenomena and its application to development of smart electrical equipment, and 3) Development of electrical and electronic materials based on quantum chemical calculations.

Prof. Kunihiko HIDAKA

Fig.1 Diagnosis of high-voltage phenomena utilizing optoelectronics.

Fig.2 Electron density measurement in arc discharge with Shack-Hartmann type wavefront sensor.

Fig.3 200kV steep-front square pulse voltage generator (rise time: 16 nanoseconds).

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