Kunihiko Hidaka

Name Kunihiko Hidaka
Position Fellow Professor
Degree(s) Ph.D.
Main Subjects High Voltage Engineering
Presentation Using Computer
Specialty High Voltage Engineering
Electrical Power Engineering
Kunihiko Hidaka
Field of Research Measurement technology in high voltage engineering and electrical discharge physics
Advanced electrical-insulation technology in power apparatuses
Analysis and modeling of high voltage phenomena
Application of electrical discharges and development of dielectric material
Academic Society IEEJ
Short Curriculum Vitae 1976 B.S. in Electrical Engineering, the University of Tokyo
1981 PhD. in Electrical Engineering, the University of Tokyo
1981 Research Associate, National Defense Academy of Japan
1985 Research Associate, Tokyo Institute of Technology
1987 Lecturer, Department of Electrical Engineering, the University of Tokyo
1988 Associate Professor, Dept. of Electrical Engineering, the University of Tokyo
1989 Visiting Academic Research Fellow, the University of Wales College of Cardiff (UWCC)
1997 Professor, Dept. of Electrical Engineering, the University of Tokyo
2008 Professor, Dept. of Electrical Engineering and Information Systems, The University of Tokyo (The name of the Department changed in 2008)
2008 Director-General, Center for Advanced Power and Environmental Technology (APET), The University of Tokyo
2019 Fellow Professor, Dept. of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Tokyo Denki University

Selected Papers

  • M. Sato, A. Kumada and K. Hidaka: Multiscale modeling of charge transfer in polymers with flexible backbones, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., Vol. 21, pp. 1812-1819 (2018)
  • H. Ejiri, K. Abe, Y. Kikuchi, A. Kumada, K. Hidaka, T. Donen, and M. Tsukima: Motion and production of microparticles in vacuum interrupter, IEEE trans. dielectr. electr. insul., Vol. 24, Issue 6, pp. 3374-3380 (2017-12)
  • Y. Inada, K. Aono, R. Ono, A. Kumada, K. Hidaka, and M. Maeyama: Two-dimensional electron density measurement of pulsed positive streamer discharge in atmospheric-pressure air, J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys., Vol. 50, 174005, 8pp (2017-3)
  • A. Kumada, A. Iwata, K. Ozaki, M. Chiba and K. Hidaka: Kerr effect in gas and its application to non-contact measurement of electric field, J. appl. phys., Vol. 92, No. 5, pp. 2875-2879 (2002)
  • K. Hidaka and Y. Murooka: Electric field measurements in long gap discharge using Pockels device, IEE Proc., Vol. 132, Pt.A, No. 3, pp. 139-146 (1985)

Laboratory Introduction

High-Voltage/Power Engineering Laboratory

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