Noritsugu Kamata

Name Noritsugu Kamata
Position Lecturer
Degree(s) Master of Engineering (Electrical Engineering)
Main Subjects Basic Workshop
Fundamental Laboratory on Electrical and Electronic Engineering I, II
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Laboratory I, II
Noritsugu Kamata
Specialty Plasma
Chemical Physics
Plasma Simulation
Plasma Technology
Plasma Chemistry
Electrical Engineering
Electronic Engineering
Materials Chemistry
Teacher Education
Physical Chemistry
Environmental Chemistry
Educational Technology
Science Education
Electric Circuit Theory and Practice
Fundametal Laboratory on Electrical and Electronic Engneering
Electrical Engineering Laboratory
Introduction to Computer and programming
Electric Circuit Theory and Practice
Electric and Electronic Materials
Electronic Device
Power System Analysis
Power Electronics
Power Generation
Electric Construction
Fundamentals of wire connection and equipment installation
Electrical construction
Application of wire connection and appliance
Basic of the BASIC language PC
BASIC Application of the language PC
Energy-Saving Technology
Solar Cell System Applications
Renewable Energy and Emerging Energy Technology
Solar Cell Thin Films Technology
Power Electronics Devices
Light-emitting Device and Design (ECL, LED, EL)
High Voltage Insulation Technology
Field of Research under construction
Academic Society The Institute of Electrical Installation Engineers of Japan
4th International Conference on Applied Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Technical Program Committee
The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan
The Japan Society of Technology Education
Short Curriculum Vitae 2019-2022 Doctor of Philosophy in Learning Innovation and Technology Faculty of Industrial Education and Technology Department of Electrical Technology Education.(Ph.D.student) King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi, Thailand.
2016–2018 Department of Electrical Technology Education, Faculty of Industrial Education and Technology King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi, Thailand. Master of Engineering (Electrical Engineering)
2002–2004 Department of Electrical Engineering Microelectronics Laboratory Research student Tokyo Denki University, Japan
1998–2002 Department of Electrical Engineering Tokyo Denki University,Bachelor of Engneering,Japan

Selected Papers

  • Analysis of Instability Phenomena at Current Interruption in Vacuum Arc Discharge Compared With Silver or Copper Electrode Noritsugu Kamata ; Narong Mungkung ; Hiroyuki Kinoshita ; Toshifumi Yuji IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science Page(s): 1774 - 1780 DOI: 10.1109/TPS.2019.2895235 INSPEC Accession Number: 18565460 (Volume: 47 , Issue: 4 , April 2019)
  • Surface chemical structure of poly(ethylene naphthalate) films during degradation in low-pressure high-frequency plasma treatments Noritsugu Kamata, Toshifumi Yuji, Nuttee Thungsuk, Somchai Arunrungrusmi, Pakpoom Chansri, Hiroyuki Kinoshita and Narong Mungkung Published 29 May 2018 The Japan Society of Applied PhysicsJapanese Journal of Applied Physics, Volume 57, Number 6S2
  • Reduction of Blowholes in DC Modulated TIG Welding for Copper T. Yuji, N. Kamata, H. Kinoshita, K. Yasui, T. Bouno, K. Kamei, S. Mamat, S. Tashiro and M. Tanaka International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology 28 [Refereed]International Journal of Advanced Science and TechnologyVol. 28, No.18, (2019), pp.190-195 ,ISSN: 2005-4238, IJAST,2019 SERSC
  • The Introduction of Base Power Supply used Surplus Electric Power from Photovoltaic SystemT. Yuji, C. XiaoxuanI, T. Bouno and N. Kamata WSEAS TRANSACTIONS on POWERSYSTEMS14,pp.88–93,2019 [Refereed]
  • A study on media literacy of Industrial education Educational contents that developed power Ntechnology. Noritsugu Kamata Abstracts of the 59th Annual Meeting of the Japan Society of Technology Education The Japan Society of Technology Education p.137 (2016). in Japanese.

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