Yuho Tanaka

Name Yuho Tanaka
Position Assistant Professor
Degree(s) Ph.D.
Main Subjects Electrical Mathematics
Fundamental Laboratory on Electrical and Electronic Engineering I, II
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Laboratory II
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Literacy
Basic Workshop
Yuho Tanaka
Specialty Digital signal processing
Field of Research signal processing for nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy
Academic Society IEEE
Nuclear magnetic resonance society of japan
Short Curriculum Vitae He received Bachelor of Engineering from Chiba institute of technology, Chiba, Japan, in 2012 and Master of Engineering and Ph.D.in Engineering from Tokyo university of science, Tokyo, Japan, in 2014 and 2020, respectively. In 2020, he joine Tokyo Denki University, Tokyo, Japan, where he is currently Research Associate.

Selected Papers

  • Yuho Tanaka, Kazunori Uruma, Tomoki Nakao, and Toshihiro Furukawa, "A Fast Matrix Factorization Method of the DOSY Data Matrix Affected by a Spatial Non-uniformity of the Pulsed-field Gradient", The IEICE Transactions on electronics (Japanese edition), vol.j103-C, no.2,pp.100--112, 2020.

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